Decentralized Identity (DID)

Elastos is keen on revolutionizing the digital identity space through our open-source universal Decentralized Identity (DID) solution. This product serves as a mechanism for securing personal identities and data that are commonly exploited, restoring anonymity and privacy features while also eliminating the need to trust large organizations that house and store their data.
DID runs on the Elastos Identity Chain (EID), allowing any device or person to create their own digital identity on the web - it’s fully compatible with a variety of applications and products within the Elastos ecosystem.
Below are some of the other core features and benefits of Elastos DIDs:
  • Proof of Ownership: Individuals who use Elastos DIDs are sole owners of their personal data, giving them full control and ownership of how they peruse and interact on Web3
  • Customization: Users can leverage custom DIDs using simple and easy usernames and login details, making the user experience seamless, smooth, and familiar
  • Bitcoin Security: DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) is made possible through the Elastos Sidechains, increasing block time and leveraging the Elastos and Bitcoin blockchains to benefit from the security from the hashpower
  • Multi-Party Identities: Several parties can have joint ownership of one DID with a multi-sig parameter for enhanced security

Elastos DID Framework

The Elastos DID framework is a set of APIs that's compatible with W3C DIDs specs.

Language support

Elastos DID SDK可提供多种语言支持:java,swift c,c/c++和javascript。
Many kinds of languages will be supported by Elastos DID SDK: Java, swift c, c/c++ and JavaScript.

EID Sidechain

Elastos DID runs on the Elastos Identity Chain (EID) and is based on Ethereum chain. It issues DIDs to any device or individual that needs a trust-based system, which is exactly what the SmartWeb is designed for.

EID RPC Service for DID SDK

JSON-RPC interface is utilized by Elastos to provide parsing methods of DID and verifiable credentials. Elastos defines the interface specification for parsing or querying DID and credential on EID side chain.
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