Introduction to Elastos
Welcome to the Elastos Documentation website! This portal will serve as a guide to everything you need to know, including a key complete breakdown of the general and main components of our project.
Elastos is creating the next-generation infrastructure for the modern internet to allow for full decentralization, security, monetization, and ownership of user data and privacy through leveraging the unique features of blockchain technology. It provides developers with the necessary tools to build and deploy open source SmartWeb dApps that can function as peer-to-peer networks, decentralized data storage services, and decentralized identity solutions for users on a global scale.
The network empowers users to create wealth through the transfer and ownership of their data and digital assets, where they can benefit from features such as digital rights authentication, transferring contracts, and creating digital assets via the information on its blockchain. Digital assets such as movies, books, music, and games can be fully owned by their respective users across its new internet, removing the middleman and solidifying authenticity.
Ready to build and/or use an Elastos-based application that meets your needs? See what’s available in our products section to help you get started.
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